• QUOTE; The gift of life is in the energy of love. Some may feel no matter how large or small the quality of love that is present in one’s life, it always has ability to grow. it is lack of love that can make struggles seem larger than life. Hold on to love and you’ll increase potential for over coming struggles in order to truly live.

    PHOTO: When it comes to photosynthesis it is a plants attraction to what it loves that gives it life and growth. The tree in this photo looks as if the odds of survival are against it. However the attraction or love towards the sun has somehow allowed the tree to overcome it’s struggle and live on.

    RELATE: One of the ways to overcome life’s challenges is to strive for excellence. Being a perfectionist is sometimes thought of as a personality disorder. But I think it says that you are not scared to do your best, and then to do better than your best. To challenge yourself to reach higher heights. In my opinion, it’s the only way to fly. When we do our best we feel good about our efforts. When we aim to do better than our best we show a fearlessness of struggle.